Swappen / swapsruilen
NPW new pals wanted
NSW new swappers wanted
SWA swaps with all
A/aanswers all (letters)
A/Manswers most
A/sanswer some
A/oanswer only
A/Fanswer few
AVF answers very few
LLP long letter pals
LLO long letters only
LL long letter
SAHM stay at home mom
SNNP sorry, no new pals
SAHM stay at home mom
WAHM work at home mom
DOB date of birth
BD birth date
W/Awedding anniversary
W/Dwedding date
PC post card
VC view card (another name for post card)
SS swap soon (it meeans that the swap is on)
ICR I can Return (means that the person is a pen pal to the owner of the FB)
ICHR I can help return (that means that the person knows someone who is a pen pal of the owner)
EMS e-mail soon
LSASE long self addressed stamped envelope
SASE self addressed stamped envelope
T/Ctake care
W/Bwrite back
W/S – write soon
TTYL talk to you later
BBfn bye bye for now

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